ANALOG Tapes to Dvd, CD & other video file formats - EVENT videography - Editing - Duplication - SLIDE SHOWS  Memory Videos - FOREIGN Format conversions - Tape & Disc Repairs -  STILLS From Video - Internet Uploads / Downloads - Disc to Tape & More
We can convert, edit, transfer and duplicate Your Video Formats, Digital or Analog - Old and New alike!
VHS, VHS-C, 8mm Camcorder, hi-8, Digital 8 & mini-dv / DVC Tapes, Mini-dvd, HDD, HD, PAL/SECAM, BETAMAX, Betacam, umatic (3/4”), Memory sticks, SD CArds, 8mm, Super8 & 16mm filmS*

Any Analog Video Tape

   Any Digital Format

 Allegiant Multimedia Services is the
Up to 2 hours. Basic insert and labeling.  No editing included. DVD-R media only.


*8mm & Super8 films are 17¢ per foot of film, Sound & 16mm films are 25¢ per foot, with a minimum charge of $35. For more information on film transfer, click HERE.

It is recommended that you call for an appointment and to discuss your project 
and specific needs before placing your service order.
Please allow up to 14 business days to complete labor-intensive projects.
Rush fees will be assessed accordingly.

Additional Source Changes (switch master source to new tape/disc, etc.) are $2.00 each.

Video & Image Editing and/or enhancement is completed on either a ‘per-job’ or hourly rate, depending on your individual needs. Hourly rate is $75. Rush Projects are subject to a 20% fee.

Still Image Captures from video sources are $2.00 per image captured. Please know the time stamp or “location” (in Hr:Min:Sec format) of the images you wish to capture. If additional work is required to enhance captured images, additional charges will apply (editing rate of $75/hr).
Call if you need assistance or have questions regarding still captures from surveillance videos.

Foreign Format Video Conversions - Have a VHS or DVD from another region? We can convert it to NTSC (American Standard) or to PAL or SECAM to send away.  $ 45.00/2 hours.

Labeling & Packaging Upgrades are always available. 100% Customized On-Disc Printing and DVD Case Upgrades are available for a small fee.

Repairs to Damaged Tapes & Discs can usually be completed while you wait. Price varies depending on labor involved and materials needed (new cases, reels).      $5.00 - $20.00

Rates range from $25 - $75 per hour, depending on the project.

Need a service you don’t see listed here or have further questions? Just give us a call at (970) 234-0470 and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Video Transfer and Duplication Services can be purchased separately, or in conjunction with one of our Audio Transfer Services such as Record or Cassette Tape to CD or MP3.Records_-_Tapes_-_Audio_to_CD.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0
NOTICE: We can legally provide one transfer (to another form of media) or one BACK-UP copy of your PERSONALLY OWNED (meaning no rented, borrowed, or library media) video or audio (any copyrighted material) without express written permission from the actual copyright holder(s). Any copy or transfer we provide must be specifically for YOUR PERSONAL USE. 
Please understand that we will not break copyright laws. Thank you!